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Internal Halyard Fiberglass Flagpoles

Internal Halyard Fiberglass flagpole

Internal Halyard Fiberglass flagpoles are constructed from the highest quality fiberglass woven roving and a proprietary polyester resin which adds strength and resists soiling and scratches and maximizes weather ability. Two types of internal systems are used depending on height. On flagpoles 40' and shorter a cam cleat type system is used. On flagpoles 50' and above a winch type system is used. Both systems perform very well in deterring theft and vandalism of flags and flagpole rope.


Internal Fiberglass Flagpole Standard Accessories


Gold Ball Finial Stationary or Revolving Pulley
Rope or Cable Chrome Plated Snap Hooks
Cam Cleat or Winch Access Door
Flash Collar Ground Sleeve
Made in the USA 3 Color Options

Optional Finishes and Accessories are available and may be added to your order from the product pages listed under the ordering section below.

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Internal Fiberglass Flagpole Specifications

Exposed Height Overall Length Butt Diameter Top Diameter

Internal System

Min. Wind Speed***
20' 23' 5.75" 3" Cam Cleat 120 MPH
25' 28' 6" 3" Cam Cleat 120 MPH
30' 33' 6.75" 3" Cam Cleat 120 MPH
35' 39' 7" 3" Cam Cleat 120 MPH
40' 43' 7" 3" Cam Cleat 120 MPH
50' 55' 10" 4.5" Winch 120 MPH
60' 66' 10.5" 4.5" Winch 120 MPH
70' 77' 16" 7" Winch 120 MPH
80' 88' 16.5" 7" Winch 120 MPH

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Internal Fiberglass Flagpoles - Free Shipping!

Height Price*


20 ft. Cam Cleat Fiberglass Flagpole $1,132.80
25 ft. Cam Cleat Fiberglass Flagpole $1,397.60
30 ft. Cam Cleat Fiberglass Flagpole $1,774.40
35 ft. Cam Cleat Fiberglass Flagpole $2,260.40
40 ft. Cam Cleat Fiberglass Flagpole $2,624.40
50 ft. Winch Fiberglass Flagpole $6,390.00
60 ft. Winch Fiberglass Flagpole $8,024.00
70 ft. Winch Fiberglass Flagpole $14,073.20
80 ft. Winch Fiberglass Flagpole $16,922.60

*Price based on Satin Finish, Standard Accessories and includes Shipping to most commercial addresses. Additional charges may apply, see shipping page for details.

**Due to shipping restrictions, one piece flagpole shafts longer than 28 ft. may require a carrier surcharge. Please call for more information. 

***Wind Speeds are shaft only.