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Commercial Flagpoles

Commercial flagpoles are available in aluminum and fiberglass in heights from 20' to 80'. Each material offers a unique look and benefit. Designed with larger butt diameters for strength, they are durable, beautiful and perform well in any commercial application. Made in the USA from the highest quality materials, they will provide years of trouble-free service with minimal maintenance. 

Aluminum Commercial Flagpole

Fiberglass Commercial Flagpole

Aluminum Commercial


Fiberglass Commercial



What's the difference between Aluminum and Fiberglass Flagpoles?


The most popular material choice for commercial flagpoles is aluminum, while fiberglass sales have steady increased, due to better quality material and advances in molding technology, aluminum still leads the way.


The Major difference is strength. Usually, aluminum shafts are able to handle higher wind loads than fiberglass shafts of similar butt diameters and at a lower cost. While the unflagged wind rating on fiberglass flagpoles is 120 Mph, some aluminum flagpoles can handle 200 Mph or more.


Another difference is fiberglass doesn't conduct electricity, however, fiberglass flagpoles do have aluminum hardware, such as the ball on top of the pole. When installed properly, aluminum flagpoles are grounded, which reduces any risk.


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