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Residential Fiberglass Flagpoles

Fiberglass Residential Flagpole in front of Home  Fiberglass Residential Flagpole in front of Home

These lightweight, maintenance free, residential fiberglass flagpoles are free standing, solid and made to last for years. Designed for easy ground installation, they feature a high luster finish with gold anodized ball. These one piece flagpoles are non-conductive, non-corrosive and come complete with all accessories and instructions needed for installation. The manufacturing process eliminated seams, making our fiberglass flagpoles more beautiful and less prone to contributing to flag wear.

Residential Fiberglass Flagpole Standard Features:

Gold Ball Finial Stationary Pulley
Polyester Halyard Nylon Snap Hooks
PVC Cleat Fiberglass Ground Sleeve
Flash Collar 3 Standard Color Options
Made in the USA  

Optional Finishes and Accessories are available and may be added to your order from the product pages listed under the ordering section below.

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Fiberglass Residential Flagpole Specs - Free Shipping!

Exposed Height Overall Length Butt Diameter Top Diameter Price*
15 ft. Fiberglass Flagpole 17 ft. 3.85 in. 2.75 in. Call for Pricing
20 ft. Fiberglass Flagpole 22 ft. 4 in. 2.75 in. Call for Pricing
25 ft. Fiberglass Flagpole 27 ft. 4.25 in. 2.75 in. Call for Pricing

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*Price based on Standard Accessories and includes Shipping to most residential addresses. Additional charges may apply, see shipping page for details.